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 Zurich Attractions

Known worldwide for its banks, Zurich is the financial center of Switzerland. It has the largest and busiest airport and railway station in the nation, making it the first introduction to Switzerland for many foreign tourists. It also has a reputation for being clean and efficient, and is often ranked as having the highest quality of life anywhere in the world. Zurich has a blend of appeal for many different travelers. History buffs will love the tall clock towers and gothic spires, culture buffs will enjoy the museums and universities which have 21 Nobel Prize winners to brag of, and edgier people will love the hundreds of hip clubs and world-class restaurants. Here is a look at the top tourist attractions in Zurich:


1. Lake Zurich

#1 of Tourist Attractions In Zurich

This large, glaciated lake was formed by glaciers in the Alps and stretches from Zurich to many other smaller towns, including Thalwil and Kusnacht. The lake is very clean, and is home to many different beaches and swimming areas. Starting from the Bellevue area, a boardwalk goes for about 3 kilometers along the lake towards Tiefenbrunnen. About halfway from Bellevue there is a meadow where it is great to relax on a sunny day. Boat lovers will find a large number of companies offering passenger ships, which can give tours of the lake or take a ferry to some of the other towns on the lake. Travelers here can find large manors, and beautiful islands to explore.


2. Zurich Altstadt

Zurich Altstadt

Zurich Altstadt comprises the area of the historic town just before the twentieth century. It has kept an older architectural feel here, and is home to many landmarks, plazas and other popular tourist attractions in Zurich including Lindenhof, Fraumunster, St Peter’s Church, the New Market and the old Medieval Rathaus quarter. Architecturally, there is a blend of medieval and gothic, and visitors can still see where the old ramparts of the ancient walled city once were.


3. Bahnhofstrasse


This Zurich’s street of high-end couture shops is the best-known shopping area in all of Zurich, as well as the most expensive real estate in all of Europe. Many of the world’s best known designers have stores here, along with the world headquarters of Credit Suisse, and the delicious chocolate shops and cafes of Paradeplatz square, on Lake Zurich, at the end of the street. This high-end street came from humble beginnings, however. It was created out of the exterior moat when the city’s walls were pulled down, and was once called Fröschengraben, or the ditch of frogs.


4. Fraumünster

Known as the women’s church, this church is considered one of Zurich’s four main churches. Fraumunster was originally built in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter, Hildegarde, to have a place to worship. It was a convent for seven hundred years, and at one point the abbess was called to be ruler of the city. Today, the church is open for services and tours. Of special interest are the stained glass windows, some as tall as 9 meters (30 feet) high, as well as frescoes by the artist Paul Bodmer and the church clock tower.

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